Unit 3: Research

Task 1

Secondary research is using previously existing sources to gather information. Examples of secondary research are newspapers articles, websites and books etc. sources which have already been written and are available for the public to view.

Task 2

This is an example of primary quantitative research as it shows facts and figures that the company BARB have created

The following information talks about who BARB are, it also says they carry out research in order to determine how many UK citizens watch TV, what channels are most popular.

Once they gather their research they then sell it to people such as advertisers, TV companies etc.

People such as advertisers pay for this information because it then helps them determine what the most effective place to buy an ad slot is so that they can get a larger target audience to see the product and hopefully benefit better of.

This is another example of primary quantitative research by Pearl and Dean. It shoes the figures for what kinds of people watched certain age rated films

The screenshot above tells us who Pearl and Dean are, it says they like to find information related to all things cinema and film not just advertising sales

The data is then used by other companies which buy time slots for their trailers before the film starts

Film companies do this as it promotes their movie because most likely you would go to the cinema to watch it and also it provides funding for cinemas to show their films

task 3



  • London, South East England
  • £9.00 – £10.00 per hour
  • 19 applications
  • Job type: Temporary, full-time
  • Date: Yesterday
  • Reference: 21293163
  • Duration: Ongoing



£9.50 per hour

Williams Lea employs 12,000 people worldwide with revenue in 2011 of 1.2bn and is part of the DP DHL group.  Williams Lea is a global market leader in the provision of Business Process Outsourcing and Marketing Solutions and is ranked 22nd by IAOP in the Top 100 Global Outsourcers. Williams Lea builds client solutions that are on-site, off-site and offshore and employees provide services ranging from creative design, through scanning to digital output and multi -channel distribution. As the majority of our operational roles are based within our clients’ offices, we offer opportunities in a multitude of diverse and often prestigious environments. Williams Leas clients are typically blue chip FTSE100 or Fortune 500 firms. In 2011 Williams Lea acquired creative agency Tag, a global leader in Marketing Execution whose creative design specialisms expand across all media.

Reprographics – Job Description:

We are currently looking for a number of Temporary Reprographics

Operators to work in the City and the Docklands area for Days,

Evenings and Night Shifts.

Key responsibilities

To complete allocated jobs from Supervisor through the use of onsite equipment, ensuring a high level of  quality for all work is maintained. To provide the highest level of customer service at all times.

Main duties

–          To reproduce high quality documents to client specifications using high speed reprographic and finishing equipment

–          Meet client time constraints, escalating issues with client if necessary.

–          Ensure full handover is given or taken when starting or finishing a shift.

–          To ensure all work is to the highest standard by ensuring quality checking is actioned on all documents.

–          To regularly check stock of stationary and inform the relevant supervisor/manager when levels require replenishing

–          To have a good understanding of all equipment within the copy centre.  Use knowledge of equipment to ensure work is produced in the fastest, highest quality manner.

Reprographics – Person Specification

–   Previous Reprographics experience

–   Customer service skills

–   The ability to work well under pressure

–   PC literate

–   Display an adaptable and flexible approach

-Maintain a professional appearance and business-like manner at all times in order to instil confidence in the services provided

–   Able to handle difficult situations well and to act appropriately

–   Focuses on clients first and strive at all times to exceed their expectations

Taken from: http://www.reed.co.uk/jobs/reprographics/21293163#/jobs/williams-lea/p4761

What qualifications and experience will employers look for?

You do not need any specific qualifications to become a reprographics assistant but GCSE passes in maths, English, art and design, and IT may give you an advantage.

You may be able to get into this job through a printing or reprographics Apprenticeship scheme.

You could also take one of several print-related qualifications at college, which would teach you some of the skills needed for this job. Courses include:

  • City & Guilds Certificate in Printing and Graphic Communications (5261) levels 2 and 3
  • Edexcel (BTEC) Certificate and Diploma in Graphics; and in Art & Design
  • ABC Diploma in Digital Pre-Press Level 3.

Courses in general art and design, audio-visual studies and desktop publishing courses would also help you when applying for work in reprographics.

Taken from: http://www.ozzle.co.uk/Job-Seekers/Career-Advice/Reprographic-Operator-Job.aspx


Hello my name is Nathaniel Washington a student at Westminster Kingsway College and I am going to be talking to you about how to get a career as a reprographics operator.

I will tell you what skills you need, what qualifications you will need, how much you can earn, whether it is necessary to get into a specific university, whether its necessary to do work experience and how to get work experience.

Firstly the skills that they would want a person to have are:

Good customer service skills

The ability to work under pressure

PC literate

Display an adaptable and flexible approach

Focus on clients and strive to reach their expectations

And lastly previous reprographics experience is appreciated as well

The qualifications wanted are:

City & Guilds Certificate in Printing and Graphic Communications (5261) levels 2 and 3

Edexcel (BTEC) Certificate and Diploma in Graphics; and in Art & Design

ABC Diploma in Digital Pre-Press Level 3

Or alternatively you could take an apprenticeship scheme

And courses in general art and design, audio-visual studies and desktop publishing courses would also help to apply

If you get paid by the hour you can get £9-£10 or if you have an annual pay you can get £19-22k roughly.

Work experience isn’t necessary but would give you a better chance getting a job in that line of work as previous experience is better than none

Getting work experience is simple enough as long as they are accepting it, you will need to get in contact with their department leader and ask for work experience or alternatively if your on the apprenticeship course you will be working in the industry.

It isn’t required to join to join a particular university but it does help to join one with a relevant course

Thank you for listening this has been Nathaniel Washington talking about getting a career as a reprographic operator.


Genre Busting Games

Games for the most part are split into genres, which means they are the same game with a different paintjob. Every now and then you get a game which tries to bring something new into the system, something that has never been done before in order to get more sales and more enjoyment from the consumers.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Unlike other Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games this one uses voice-overs for every Non Player Character and player in the game. A list can be found here at the IMDb website

Also it doesn’t use the auto attack feature that is used in popular rival World of Warcraft although this topic is a matter of opinion as some people like it because that is how normal games play but others dislike after WoW set the MMO standard all the respones i found were positive about it.

Another new feature is companions, who are Non Player Characters who assist you when playing solo however in large parties they take up player space and so will return back to crew chart.

I personally think it has been successful as it received 1.7million subscribers within the first 3 months of its release

Had the game come out a little earlier it might have had larger success since it uses an out of date games engine and new games such as Diablo III and Guild Wars 2 are being released shortly after this one

Critic reviews have awarded the game 80% and higher scores (IGN 9/10, Metacritic 85/100 and Gamespot 8/10) however user reviews seem to be somewhat lower than Critics at as low as 60% scores (Gamespot users 8.4 from 2966 votes and Metacritic users 5.7 from 1965 votes)




Halo Reach

Most First Person Shooters tend to be the same however the Halo series is based on a war with an alien army called the covenant and u play as the super soldiers SPARTAN’s

As well as story Halo adds abilities in multiplayer such as sprint, jetpack, stealth, armour lock and bubble shield allowing for personalized styles of play from protection to assassination

Like Halo 3 forge mode allows you make your own multiplayer maps which can then share with friends and family making your game like Jaws where 1 player is Jaws who has to knock the other player into the sea by pushing the steel poles and then turn them by killing them

I personally believe this game to be very successful as Halo and Call of Duty are the most well known First Person Shooters and Halo Reach is the most graphically and playing refined of the lot, it is also the last game and has then been bought by 343 Industries to make another 3 games which hopefully will continue to expand upon what others started

The game was awarded rather high ratings from both critics and user reviews (IGN 10/10, Metacritic 91/100 and 7.6 from 1141 users, Gamespot 9.5 and 8.9 from 10004 users)





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  1. You need to work on your presentation. Task 1 needs example material and should be better explained as it appears that you are unclear about secondary research. Task 2 doesn’t make it clear why Pearl and Dean gather research and what they use the research for. Task 3 needs the audio embedded and there needs to be clear evidence that task 4 has been completed.

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